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How do I care for my wig?

 Storing your wig

Keep the hair net on when you're storing the wig.  If it is a long wig, carefully curl up the long tail and tuck it inside the hair net gently, be careful to not impact the style your wig while storing it.

Detangling your wig

We recommend combing the wig both before and after use.

We also recommend a wide wire toothed comb or a spray detangler.


Just take one section at a time, carefully use the clips to get the rest of the hair out of the way, and lay the section against the flat table top. Take an inch at a time and start combing at the bottom. Once you have the bottom inch combed, move up and comb out the next inch. Keep adding an inch at a time and you'll find that you comb the knots down lower.Once you have the whole section done, pin it up carefully and move to another section. Unclip when all sections have been combed and detangled and start blending the sections back together.

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