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Where is my confirmation email?

Automated emails are sent when the order has been placed and again once the order has shipped. These emails may be redirected to your spam or junk folder by your email provider. In addition, there are also times that email providers block emails before they even make it into your inbox.

In order to make sure that our emails won't land in your spam/junk email folder or get deleted, please add our email address ( to your safe senders or safe domains list. You can find individual email account instructions below:


• Click on "Options" - "Mail Options" in scroll down menu
• Click on "Filters"
• Click "Add"
• In the top row "From Header", select "contains" in scroll-down menu.
• Enter our email or domain
• Next, look down to "Move the message to" and
choose "Inbox"
• On the left bottom, click on "Add Filter"



• While in your Inbox, Click on: "Options"
• Under "Junk Email", select "Safe and Blocked Senders "
• Click on "Safe Senders"
• In the box under "Sender or domain to mark as safe:", enter our email or domain
• Click "Add to List"
• You will see the address in the box on the right.


• Look in your bulk/junk folder for our mail if it is not in your inbox.
• Open our mail and then Click on "More Options" near the title of the email next to the date.
• Click on "Add sender to contacts list" and enter our email or domain.

If the email was filtered into your Spam folder, you also need to perform the following:

• Click on "Spam" to open your Spam folder.
• Click on the email we sent you.
• Click on "Not Spam" at the top of the email. This will tell G-Mail to always send our mail to your inbox.



• Windows: Right click on an email and select "Add Sender to Address Book."
• Mac OS: Hold down the Control key while clicking on the email message. Choose: "Add Sender to Address Book" or "Add Sender to Contact."


• Windows & Mac OS: Click on our email message to highlight it. Then click the "Message" menu and choose: "Add Sender to Address Book" Click Ok.


• Click on "Save Address." After that, the "Address Book Entry" box will appear. Enter our email or domain and click "Save Entry."



Method 1
• Click the "Add Address" button. AOL will add our From Address to your address book, then click save.
• If our email is mistaken as Spam, go to your "Spam Folder" and then highlight our email. Next, press the button that says "This is Not Spam." AOL will then add our From Address to your Address Book.

Method 2
1. Go to "Mail Controls"
2. Select the screen name we're sending your email to
3. Click on "Customize Mail Controls For This Screen Name"
For AOL version 7.0: In "exclusion and inclusion parameters", include: For AOL version 8.0: Click on "Allow email from all AOL members, email addresses and domains" and then ...
1. Click on "Next" - then the 'Save' button will appear at the bottom
2. Click on "Save"


• Find the "add" icon located in the tool bar. "Add the Address Book" will then appear, click "Yes."
• While viewing an email from us using Earthlink Webmail, click on: "Add to Address Book." Click "Save."
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